Monika & Monique'

Monika & Monique'


The driving force and inspiration to my passion for fashion, Monique’.


Monique' is/was my little Sissy, my best friend, my confidante, my stylist, my hair designer, my life coach, my light, my world, my everything and now my angel in heaven!

Moniquey was born to shop! I think we both were, she just took it to another level. At a young age she became a savvy shopper always looking for the “good deals” or “a steal of a deal”! It was a rush and a high she absolutely loved. She worked in retail and became a personal shopper for a few athletes and actresses throughout her retail career. But she took it upon herself to be my personal shopper as we became adults and had “real jobs”. I absolutely didn’t mind she was fabulous at it, she knew my style and added a little of her own and all she needed was MY bank card! She believed clothes, shoes, fashion could change someone’s whole attitude and was a boost of confidence, to take on whatever life would throw at you.

As we both had administrative healthcare jobs business/casual was our weekly attire. I have always been a more casual/sporty type so as Moniquey would say I needed her help just a little and a push out of my jeans and t-shirts! She was of course right! We were like “Laverne & Shirley” or “Bert & Ernie”, Monika & Monique; wherever one was the other wasn’t too far away or right by the others side. We lived together, carpooled together and even worked for the same medical school. Moniquey would nonchalantly, “suggest” my OOTD for the next day usually on our drive home or over dinner. Casually she’d say you should wear the black sequins shirt I picked up at Nordstrom Rack for you with those fuchsia pink “sassy” pants. Oh, and of course those fabulous black peep toe heels. But only if my pedicure wasn’t a train wreck then she’d suggest a back up shoe! So basically she dressed me, she shopped for all my clothes and knew inside and out my whole closet it was all her work! Shopping was one of our favorite things to do, as a celebration, as an escape, to dream with each other and just to spend time with each other. Monique' would say when she went to work at Tiffany & Co. at the galleria "going to my mothership"!

Moniquey had her hair license even before she had her high school diploma and for all the early Saturday mornings driving her to hair styling school, I would get hair cuts and styles for a lifetime! I was very spoiled and admittedly not as appreciative for those services as I should’ve been! I’ve had to learn the hard way since she’s been gone.

Moniquey was a special kind of someone! She was genuine, a kid at heart, she had a light and an energy to her that you couldn’t explain or put a word to but you could see it and you could feel it. She knew who she was and she knew whose she was! She knew what she wanted in life and she had the confidence to make it happen and go after it! She was the life of the party even when it was just a party of two!

Moniquey has been missed every second of every day since June 2016. My whole world turned upside down and has a lot less LIGHT. I no longer have a need for a weekly business/casual attire, but I know Moniquey wouldn’t want it all sitting on hangers or in drawers. As Monique' would say "All my hard work, blood, sweat and tears going to waste." (She had quite the flare for the dramatics.) She would want me to share our love for shopping, fashion, good deals and steal of a deal with others! In hopes to help someone find that one great shirt, pants or shoes that makes them feel like they can conquer whatever life throws at them!

In this great big world Moniquey was my world and my biggest fan and undoubtedly, I will always be hers!

With every purchase Monique' gets to live on!

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